Angel Cartel

The Cartel has extensive holdings throughout the Empires, but mainly focus on the Minmatar regions, where they gain most of their recruits. Many Matari that join are disaffected by the Republic, but recent changes (most notably the recovery of the Starkmanir and the Elder Fleet invasion) have noticeably slowed recruitment efforts. Still, this hasn’t yet seemed to harm Angel holdings, which include significant control over the Caldari “grey market” (bringing in illegal, competing products to the megacorporation’s own enclaves). They’ve also been known to work with the Sisters of Eve in humanitarian missions (per The Burning Life). There are even some rumors saying that they’ve managed to acquire examples of Jove technology to integrate into their ships, but for obvious reasons the Dominations haven’t chosen to divulge that information. Given the fact that Curse is the home of the First Jovian Empire, however, such rumors may not be all that far off-base.


  • Detorid
  • Wicked Creek
  • Cache
  • Scalding Pass
  • Insmother
  • Great Wildlands
  • Curse
  • Immensea
  • Molden Heath
  • Heimatar
  • Impass
  • Metropolis
  • Feythabolis
  • Tenerifis
  • Omist

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