Chat System

EvE Echoes is an Online Multiplayer Game and Communicating with your fellow players and Corp Members is Integral for Succeeding.

Chat Interface

Cht Bttn  

- To Enter Chat you can either tap on the Box placed on the Lower Left side of your UI OR by tapping on the “Chat Icon” marked Below.


Cht Wndw

- Once Inside the chat window is divided into multiple portion. On The left, The Number in the RED box is the current number of players in your Region. Next in ORANGE are the Chat Channels, the first one Called “EvEWiki” is a custom Channel. The “+” sign in the YELLOW Box Allows you Join or Create other Channels (See Below for more info). BLUE box is “Custom Channel Management” where you can manage and bookmark channels. The DARK BLUE number on the top right corner shows the current Active users in the channel. As for the GREEN box at the bottom, this is the text input area and the PINK box containing the three horizontal dashes houses extra chat insert-able elements like emojis, characters, items, locations, and your Chat history. Finally, The WHITE box is this chat Log.


Cust Chnnel

- In The Custom Channel Creator you can create a New Channel or Join an Existing One.



- The Custom Channel Management (CCM) allows you to easily join or bookmark previous channels and password protect your own channels (the password is numerical only).


Pass Wndw

- To set a password on your channel, tap on “Custom Channel”, choose your “Channel” and select settings. You can set your password on the next window.


IMG 80DD6C0F29CB 1
- Pressing on the number representing either active users in the channel or the region well show a small window with characters names. pressing on the arrow will expand/contract the menu.


- Pressing on the three horizontal lines Opens up and in game keyboard/menu containing multiple insert-ables as stated above such as emojis and items.

IMG 0382EBDA513E 1


In-Game Share

As of writing this you are only allowed to share either in local chat custom Channel or directly to a contact. However; to be able to share your fittings for example to your Corporation you can take advantage of the forward feature by first sharing it to local chat or your custom chat, Tap & hold onto message text and choose forward, this will copy the shared item to the text area at the bottom ready to send to any other Channel not allowed to by default.

Another Method is to create your channel and then share to it directly.

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