Basic Combat

In space, the weak are nothing but prey for the strong. As a capsuleer, combat is essential to survival.

Regular Combat

On the battlefield, destroying enemy ships is the only goal.

Target Lock Use your ship's fire-control system to lock the selected target.

Select a target and tap the Lock button.


  • A necessary preparation before attacking a target
  • Pay attention to multiple targets at the same time.

Attack Enable weapon modules to attack the locked enemy target.

Select the locked target and enable weapons.

Team Combat

Follow commands and do your part. Close cooperation between teammates is the key to success.

Fleet A combat formation formed with other pilots.

Join others' fleets or build one of your own. It helps you distinguish teammates from enemies and better cooperate with others in combat.

Fleet Command

An instruction issued to all fleet members by the fleet leader.

Tap the target and issue a command. Image

The fleet leader is in charge of commands. Members should follow the commands and cooperate between each other.

Combat Tactics

In EvE Echoes there are 3 attacking ranges: Short Range, Medium Range and Long Range. Each one of them has its own Advantages and Disadvantages.

Lets get started:

  • Short Range
  1. Using Rapid Missile Launchers:

  • Long Range

For Long Range Combat You have access to multiple Weapons (High Slots) but for efficient combat look no further than the “Missile Launchers” as they don’t suffer from Accuracy falloff after a certain range like the “Medium Beam Lasers” which has an optimal range of ~22 KM but The accuracy decreases after ~8 KM.

Missiles are also an “All Types Damager” as in They Inflict Damage to all Types of Defenses (EM,Thermal,Kinetic and Explosive).


- Missile Launchers have multiple variation or versions each with its own Tiers.

  1. Small Missile Launchers.
  2. Medium Rapid Missile Launchers.
  3. Medium Missile Launchers.
  4. Large Rapid Missile Launchers.
  5. Large Missile Launchers.

- Also each Missile Size has its own Skill Sub-Tree in “Weapon Technology” That you Need to Invest in for Optimum Results like Further Increasing the Missile Range and Velocity. (Rapid Missiles follow their Size’s Skill)

- The Most Important Thing to Remember is to “ALWAYS KEEPS YOUR DISTANCE”.

- You Need to Start any Combat as Far Away from your Target(s) as Possible and it must be done manually.

- First, You’ll need to know your Current Optimal Range for Your Weapons so Tap and Hold your Weapon Module to Reveal the Information Sheet, Scrolls Down to “Missile Range” and note the Value as This is the Max Range at which your Missiles can do damage.

Info Sheet2

- Now Tap on Your Ship Then Tap and Hold “Set Orbit” from the Menu. While Still Holding Slide your Finger to Set the Range to your Optimal Range. (Don’t Mind the Shown Optimal Range as This Value Takes into Account all Your Modules so this Value will be Lower Than your Weapon’s Optimal Range)

- For Anomalies instead of just warping in at the Middle of the Anomaly You’ll Need to Manually set Your Distance and That Can be Achieved by Holding “Warp” and Sliding your Finger Away which will show the “Range Setter”. Choose a Range Higher than Your Optimal Range by at least 20KM so you have Enough Time to set Your strategy.


- As for Encounter, After the Final Jump or Warp and the Game asks you to “Warp to the Cosmic Anomaly where the bookmark is located”, Decline and Follow the Previous Step Instead and Choose the Anomaly with the Encounter’s Name.

- After Locking or “Easy Locking” you’ll get Close to or Away from your target depending on where you warped to maintain your “Optimal Range” this can be done either manually by Tapping on Your Target and Holding “Orbit” to show the “Range Setter” and slide to choose your optimal range OR by using the Default we sat before by just tapping “Orbit”.


- Keep Attacking and watch out for the other ships if they start getting closer to you.

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