The economy of EVE Echoes is player-based. As in, players are the ones that create and sell the majority of the items in-game.
Players also decide the prices at which they want to sell or buy their items.


There are 2 types of currencies in the EvE Echoes universe. ISK and PLEX.


ISK is the main currency of New Eden. You can use ISK for learning Skills, purchasing items on the market, industrial manufacturing, and more.


You can use PLEX to upgrade to Omega Clone. You can also use PLEX to purchase virtual Items to activate another account services. PLEX can be traded on regional markets.


To buy and sell items, one has to use the module called Market.

The system takes a fee from you for every trade. To reduce the fee one has to invest in the Trading skill

There is a list of Buy Orders and Sell orders in the Market place.

You may have noticed not every station lets you sell, that's because you can only sell at a market hub. To discover your local hub tap on the market anywhere in space and at the bottom will be your nearest market hub. I prefer Jita myself, old habits die hard.

One important thing to notice is that every station has its own inventory, so if you buy an item that is not in your station you can either go and pick it up yourself or hire someone through the Intergalactic Hauling System.

Market Orders

In Eve you can place market orders. Buy and Sell orders

Buy Orders

They are persistent orders that are buying items at a fixed price. The creator of the buy order sets the price at which He wants each item to be sold.

Sell Orders

They are persistent orders that are selling items at a fixed price. Players can buy an item and get it deposited instantly at the station where the market is.

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