How to Make ISK

Making your First ISK

The first thing to know is the game gives you a few isk for logging in.The beauty of this game is that it rewards creativeness.There are so many ways to earn ISK in EVE Echoes Universe.

Novice ISK Earning


This is quite straightforward, you go out to mine ores, and you sell them, you can also refine the ores into minerals, if you have the appropriate skill.It is advised to look at the market prices of the various mineral types before starting your mining expedition. This will help you to choose the most profitable ores to target on your mining trip. Also by knowing where certain minerals are in demand, you can plan your expedition better to be close to the sale point of the minerals you are mining.


Doing Missions is a good way to earn some money, especially if you like combat. Even if you are not as interested in combat missions, the game also offers encounters based on mining, hauling, and investigation. To select encounters that are most to your liking, tap the filter button on the encounters page and select the type of encounters you wish to see. Also on the top right of the encounter screen you may select a difficulty rating of the displayed encounters. By modifying the values of theses two options, you can refine your list of encounters to suit your taste and difficulty preference.


You can roam across solar system and look for overview beacon /spot marked with red sight usually called guristas small base or similar to this depends on size and empire you currently in. Killing NPC ships with bounty is good novice ISK income as well.

Strategy to optimize ISK/hr

  1. Don’t run bases. I have yet to find a higher tier one but they’re out there I’m just lazy. That resets their tier and while the rewards are good it can take days to regain even a few tiers
  2. Find good pockets/routes between smaller systems, AU wise. You’re not going to be able to stay in 1 systems, probably not even 3-4. If you’re really serious about it you’ll exhaust sites pretty rapidly
  3. Similar to the above point, find places with clustered truesec, -.7 to -1 range. More consistent access to higher tier sites even if the bases get zapped.
  4. Invest in a kiting platform and be judicious with using warp at range. Missiles or drones are your best bet, I’ve found anything that lets you sit at 50km or greater will significantly reduce incoming dps. You’ll have to do a lot of manual piloting but realistically unless you can fly a BC (and even then I have my doubts) you can’t facetank the higher tier sites. You can, however, sit outside effective range of most rats missiles and turrets and pick them off.

Scout Sites

Scout sites are rare and contain datcores which are worth a lot, they appear even in hi sec and and should be cleared since they are very profitable.


You can transport items for players from one station to another and get paid for it. This done through the Logistics Menu

Advanced ISK Earning

There are more advanced techniques of making ISK, which may require more time and effort, but the rewards are much better.


You can make a profit from refining specific ores. The key to refining is getting your resource refining skills very high, so you can be more efficient in your refining( in simple terms, you will get more minerals from your refinement).Simple tactic might involve buying ores cheap from the market or someone in particular you know and refining it for a profit.


This system has a lot of potential of earning you a good amount of ISK. It is scalable but also complex. Apart from in game skills, you will need real life skills in reading the market, to see what to buy and what to sell at an appropriate time.You can also mix trading with your mining or manufacturing to make sure you always make the most amount of profit your could with your profession.


This involves, getting a blueprint, getting the needed materials and manufacturing different items in the game. Since in this game, items can get lost, there is an endless demand for many items, like modules, ships, etc.With endless demand, comes endless opportunities.

Planetary Production

This feature allows you to passively mine resources from a planet when you are not even logged in or playing for increments up to 24 hours. The resources created from this are used in many manufacturing plans, and will fetch a good price on the market. To make the most of this, it is crucial to train up the associated skills so you can mine more planets and have more mines per planet.

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