Mining is the process of extracting resources from asteroids in asteroid belts.

  • Mining is NOT risk free!!! While mining you can often be attacked and destroyed. This is more common in low sec or null sec, however it can still happen anywhere, even high sec.

How to Mine

Simply put mining can be broken down in these steps

  1. Fit a mining laser into your spaceship
  2. Undock from your station and go to an asteroid belt
  3. Mine as much as you can carry in your cargo
  4. Bring it back to the station and deposit it so you can mine more

Where to Find Ore

Space SecurityAsteroids
1.0 and lowerVeldsparScordite
0.9 and lowerPlagioclase
0.7 and lowerKernitePlagioclaseOmber
0.5 and lowerPyroxeres, Dark Ochre
0.4 and lowerJaspet, Spodumain
0.2 and lowerHemorphiteGneissHedbergiteCrokiteMercoxit

Compressed ore

Rare mining sites that show up on the overview as mining belts with the words “Condensed” or “Compressed” in them can be found in any system in eve.

They spawn approximately 1 in every 50 systems, slightly more in Null security.

The ore in these sites mine at the same rate and volume of normal sites but only need 1/10th the amount of ore to reprocess into the same materials as its standard counterpart. Essentially giving 10 x for ore for the same time and ore volume.



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