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Hey there! Welcome to the EvE Echoes: Newbies (New Player) guide Series. This guide will teach you how to play eve echoes.

To keep this guide as short as possible, I will not go in depth into the various activities. There are guides who cover specific activities in more depth.

What I will be doing in this guide is giving you a general guide and a direction you can follow in order to engage the game in a meaningful way. And also to enjoy the time you spend in the game.

I have heard people ask me "do I need to be good at spread-sheeting to be able to enjoy the game?" The answer is no. Having a spreadsheet can help you enhance your strategies, but there are in no way a must. You will do just fine without them.

With that being said, lets get into the main subject of this guide.

What is EvE Echoes?

EvE Echoes is one of the most in depth sandbox multiplayer mobile game you can find on the market. 1000s and 1000s of people play in the same space at the same time, on one global server. The game itself is jam-packed with features that even the features itself have their own features. Because of that people feel a bit frightened by the amount of things one can do in game.

This might scare you or might look overwhelming. But do not worry, if you do things properly, you will not only succeed in the game, you will also have tons of fun.

Now think about it, I said earlier that there are so many features and things to do in the game but "The fact that there are so many things to do, does not necessarily mean that you have to be actively involved in all those things to enjoy the game.

If you love shooting stuff, then go ahead, shoot to your heart's content. If you like mining, then go mine all the asteroids in the universe.

See EvE Echoes is a game that rewards specialists or rather people that focus on one or 2 aspects and perfect it until they are masters at it. What that means is that the more skill points you invest in a particular activity, the better you become at it.

That is why I would advise you to sit down and think about what you actually want to do in the game. What do you think will bring you the most fun, what do you think will bring you the most sense of accomplishment.
That "thing" is what you want to focus on in the game.

Character Creation

In the previous guide I gave you a brief introduction to what the game really is about. Now lets jump into details.

The first thing you want to do is open your app store or play store: search for EvE Echoes, install it then open it.

You will be guided into creating or linking your account, based on whether you have an iphone or an android. It's pretty straightforward.:

When you log in for the first time ingame. You will have to create your character.

Select your Race.
There are four races to choose from: Amarr, Gallente, Caldari, Minmatar. They all have their own backstory which is very interesting to read and if you are into lore, I would recommend you read it.

Now you are asked to select your bloodline. There are a few character portraits you can choose. If you do not like the way you look, you can tap on the shuffle button until you find a portrait that you like.

You will then have a section to create your username.

When you are done tap on “Confirm Identity” and your character will be created.

Combat Tutorial

In the previous guide, we looked into how to install the game and how to create a character.

In this guide we will look into the combat tutorial and what combat is really about.

Combat is one of the key pillars of the game. Many things revolve around combat. The in game economy is driven by combat.
There are mainly 2 forms of combat in EvE Echoes PVE and PVP.
PVE Simply means Player vs Environment. The Environment we are talking about are mainly computer generated ships that we are able to fight.
While PVP stands for Player vs Player, meaning real players can engage in combat in real time.

We are going to focus on only the PvE combat for this guide.

You will be shown a short introductory guide that explains how and why you can be reborn when you die. I don’t want to spoil too much for you, but basically you are a clone, and you get cloned again when you die.

You will also be introduced to an AI system called CreoDron, that will act as your assistant during the main tutorials.

You will then be asked to select a voice for your AI Assistant. When you are satisfied with your selection. Tap on OK. (you can also change it later)

Now a brief guide telling you basically who you will be fighting in the tutorial. A faction called Sisters of EvE.

You will now enter the battle tutorial.

To shoot a target, you first need to lock the target. Locking permits you to automatically point your modules on the target within a set range.

Tap on the red icon on the screen, a circular menu will appear, go ahead and tap on “Lock Target”.

After targeting your target, ,you can now activate your guns, that can be done by tapping on the module icons at the bottom, you will see a shield and a gun turret.

There is another way to lock on multiple targets at once, and that is called Easy Lock, you will see the easy lock icon somewhere in the middle of the screen close to your ship. This easy lock also automatically makes your ship orbit in an optimal range from the target to mitigate damage as much as possible.

You will also be then asked to tap on your shield. That is the second icon that will appear next to the guns icon.

The shield recharge icon instead allows you to recharge your shield when hit by an enemy. The shield modules continuously consume capacitor charge(for those familiar with other games, it is a bit similar to the concept of mana or energy).

The capacitor will recharge over time, and it is possible for your modules to consume the capacitor faster than it can recharge. When your capacitor is empty, your modules will automatically deactivate and you will need to activate them again, when your capacitor has been recharged enough.

You will have to destroy the ships, then you will be done with this part of the tutorial.

Welcome to New Eden

In the previous guide we looked into how to go through the combat tutorial. Now we will jump into the main game.

Until now, we were not actually in the main game, we were in a sort of subspace used to explain the basic features of the game.

Now though, we are fully inside the games universe and we can interact with the thousands of players that are flying around.

Now let's pause a second before we continue.

Vlcsnap 2020 08 12 12h45m31s927

I want to give you a brief overview of what we are seeing now, the user interface.

Some of the icons you do recognize them already, while some are new. Let us start with the recognizable icons.

At the bottom right you will see 3 icons that we have already encountered in the tutorial. These are basically your active abilities:
On the far right you will see your turrets(those that we used to shoot our enemies in the previous guide
Next is your propulsion module(this module makes your ship move faster, while consuming you capacitor continuously)
And finally you have your shield module, which recharges you shield while consuming you capacitor continuously

In the middle you will see a slightly oval shaped thing, that represents your ships overall health (on the left side) which has a whitish-grayish shade, your energy capacitor (on the right side) which has a yellowish shade and your ships speed at the bottom which is blueish.

On the bottom left side of the screen you will find your social menu, where you can chat, see a list of users who are in the same space or location as you, your notification box etc.

One the top left side you will see your character's portrait with the location you are in, the region, solar system etc.
Right at the bottom of that you will see your cargo capacity(or how much stuff you ship is carrying or can carry, and your ship fitting menu. Tapping around this section will open the main menu for you where you can find the other hidden elements of the user interface, like skill tree, your wallet, your mailbox, etc.

In the middle of the screen you will see your ship.

Perfect, now that we have a general idea of what we are looking at, let's move on with the guide.

A message will pop up on the left side, asking you if you want to "Begin Pilot training Course".
And according to the message it will give you "rich rewards".
So let's go ahead with it.
The tutorial will teach you how to move the camera, zoom in and out etc.
But one key thing part is that it teaches you how to dock on stations as well.

What is a station?

A station is basically a structure that provides you with different services like, mission boards, ore processing facilities, trade markets etc. See it as a town center In the station we are safe from any harm. Absolutely nothing can shoot us or destroy us, so as we are in the station, so see it as a safe haven.

As soon as you dock, the tutorial will ask you to open your skill menu and learn a skill.

What are skills?

In EvE Echoes you get better at doing something by learning and training skills. To learn skills one must select the skill they want and leave it to automatically train. You will be shown how long your skill will take to complete its training. It can take anything from a few minutes or days or even weeks, based on the difficulty of the skill. Skills come in levels, so for example you can have level 1 Frigate Command, to get to level 2 you have to make sure you train your Frigate command skill for the required amount of time. Then from level 2 you do the same thing to reach level 3, then so on and so forth. Fortunately, one can queue their skills, and say come back the next day next day to add more skills.

You can queue a maximum of 24 hours worth of skill but the last skill can exceed the 24 hour limit. So a good strategy is to queue the longest skill last.

Another concept I would like to talk about is tech level. Your tech level too can be upgraded when you accumulate enough skill points.

Your tech level also determines what ships you can train for and eventually pilot so it is very important you tap on that level up button when your tech level has accumulated enough skill points.


In the previous guide we looked into the skill system, stations and the user interface. In this guide we will talk about the missions system.

Before we jump into missions, the tutorial will ask you to train your skill until you reach tech 2. You will then be rewarded with a new tech 2 ship. You will be then asked to activate the new ship. Activating a ship simply means jumping into a new ship.
What are missions?
In a few words missions are tasks given to you by the game system to complete, when you complete them you will be rewarded for each one of them with isk and some other items.

So lets jump into our first mission.
A new popup will appear asking you to come assist a ship carrying important documents. They are being attacked by some pirates.
You will have to attack the pirates, destroy the pirates and retrieve the cargo.

To retrieve the cargo one needs to tap on the overview icon on the right hand side of the screen, its an eye shaped icon.

Tap on it then at the top select the station tab then change to to loot by tapping on loot. After tapping on loot you will see a cargo container, tap on it and you will see the items you need to loot. Tap on loot all then return back to the station.

When you return to the station you will need to open your ships inventory then move the items from it into the item hanger and that will complete the mission for you.

These are basically how most missions will work. So we now know how to complete missions.

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