Sansha's Nation

Sansha's Nation is a dictatorship where the majority of citizens are "True Slaves" being controlled by brain implants. The "True Citizens" retain their free will though they also have the same slave implants.

The Sansha's Nation was once one of the strongest empires in EVE cluster. But in YC 37 the truth of Kuvakei's intentions and slave technology came out and a CONCORD-led coalition of the five empires, including the Jove, came and destroyed the nation and killed Kuvakei.

The Nation was thought to be gone but in YC 112 the Nation emerged with power. Nowaday the nation has sovereignty in region of Stain and regularly stages incursions to empire space.

The Sansha's Nation is perhaps the most technologically advanced entity in New Eden. Perhaps the largest advantage Sansha have is the knowledge on wormhole generation.


  • Derelik
  • Catch
  • Tash-Murkon
  • Stain
  • Devoid
  • Esoteria
  • Domain
  • Providence
  • Paragon Soul

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