When neural boosters were discovered, they were believed to be a path for the improvement of the individual and even all of humanity. Igil Sarpati founded a corporation, Sarpantis, and led booster research for the Gallente Federation. However, when the side-effects of neural boosters was discovered, the Federation banned boosters and the corporation was dissolved.

Igil Sarpati's adopted son, a Caldari named Virge Salvador Sarpati, founded a new company, Serpentis, which held the booster formulas of his father's company. Since the booster formulas were worthless now that boosters were illegal, the company initially did high-tech research and development. Due to his father's experiences with the Gallente Federation, V. Salvador Sarpati (as he called himself), became increasingly hostile to the Gallente and closer to the Caldari. The corporation grew until it owned 24 stations in the Curse and Fountain regions. Sarpati runs the corporation from a luxurious starbase at Serpentis Prime, which is in a system he purchased and renamed in the Fountain region.

Although all the Serpentis stations are officially described as research stations, they are known as pirate havens. Sarpati encouraged this development and has hinted at some unknown, long term strategy. There are rumors that V. Salvador Sarpati has begun to use father’s booster formulas to make his R&D corporation into the galaxy's preeminent drug runner. This may explain the close relationship between the Serpentis corporation and the Angel Cartel, particularly their Guardian Angels, who guard Serpentis assets and possibly drugs.


  • Sinq Laison
  • Everyshore
  • Syndicate
  • Solitude
  • Fade
  • Placid
  • Cloud Ring
  • Outer Ring
  • Fountain
  • Essence
  • Verge Vendor

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