Skill System - EVE Echoes

Skill points are similar to “levels” in other MMORPGs, or “Experience” to level, more precisely. They are acquired at four possible rates, passively, from your clone’s first breath within EVE Echoes.

  • Alpha Clones: 30 points per minute.
  • Omega - Basic: 35 points per minute
  • Omega Standard Clone: 55 points per minute
  • Monthly Combo Omega Clone Pack: 60 points per minute

Important to note-

  • Skill points continue to gather whether you are online or not. This is known as “Free SP” and can be applied from within your skill management window once you put a skill back into the skill queue
  • Depending on your clone status (alpha, omega, etc) the rate at which you generate passive skill points when NOT training a skill varies.
  • Alpha pilots are restricted from access to certain skills and ships (specifically: tech 8 and above). Alpha pilots can rejoice that they are still allowed to access multiple pirate cruisers and various faction ships.
        • If a pilot is NOT training a skill, they only gain a certain percentage of the rates listed above. Example: alpha only gains 15 points per minute. SO: keep skills training and queued in your skill queue.

Depending on your clone status (alpha, omega, etc) the rate at which you generate passive skill points when NOT training a skill varies.

  • Alpha: 50% passive skill train while not training a skill
  • Basic: 70% passive skill train while not training a skill
  • Standard: 80% passive skill train while not training a skill
  • Monthly: 100% passive skill train while not training a skill

Cognitive Neuroscience-

A special skill that CCP has implemented in EVE Echoes that allows for 5% increase in passive skill gain for each ranking. They are purchased in the New Eden store for AUR (and EVE in-game currency, related to PLEX). They can also be purchased on the marketplace for ISK. There is a special, one-per-account purchase, of a 3-in-1 pack of chips available at launch, for 925 AUR in the New Eden store, which is at almost 200 AUR discount. Chip: Cognitive Neuroscience - Teaches Level 5 same-named skill. Chip: Advanced Cognitive Neuroscience- Teaches Level 5 same-named skill. Chip: Expert Cognitive Neuroscience - Teaches Level 5 same-named skill.

Tech Level

Technology level is your pilots cumulative skill points expressed in a technology value. Ships, modules, and skills are all restricted to certain technology levels. Omega pilots are able to obtain the highest tech levels, while alpha pilots are restricted to a specific tech level and below. Alpha pilots must purchase at least an Omega: Basic subscription from the New Eden store, to move past the tech-level alpha/omega block that is in place. There are currently ten (10) technology levels, and a level that is visible in game as “ — “ (for faction battleships)

Cruising Technology

Spaceship Command

Frigate Command
Advanced Frigate Command
Expert Frigate Command
Destroyer Command
Advanced Destroyer Command
Expert Destroyer Command
Cruiser Command
Advanced Cruiser Command
Expert Cruiser Command
Battlecruiser Command
Advanced Battlecruiser Command
Expert Battlecruiser Command
Battleship Command
Advanced Battleship Command
Expert Battleship Command
Industrial Ship Command
Advanced Industrial Ship Command
Expert Industrial Ship Command

Advanced Afterburner
Expert Afterburner
Microwarpdrive Operation
Advanced Microwarpdrive Operation
Expert Microwarpdrive Operation
Engine Operation
Advanced Engine Operation
Expert Engine Operation

Maintenance Technology

Shield Operation

Shield Operation
Advanced Shield Operation
Expert Shield Operation
Shield Hardening
Advanced Shield Hardening
Expert Shield Hardening
Remote Shield Operation
Advanced Remote Shield Operation
Expert Remote Shield Operation
Armor Operation
Advanced Armor Operation
Expert Armor Operation
Armor Hardening
Advanced Armor Hardening
Expert Armor Hardening
Remote Armor Operation
Advanced Remote Armor Operation
Expert Remote Armor Operation

Defense Upgrade

Frigate Defense Upgrade
Advanced Frigate Defense Upgrade
Expert Frigate Defense Upgrade
Destroyer Defense Upgrade
Advanced Destroyer Defense Upgrade
Expert Destroyer Defense Upgrade
Cruiser Defense Upgrade
Advanced Cruiser Defense Upgrade
Expert Cruiser Defense Upgrade
Battlecruiser Defense Upgrade
Advanced Battlecruiser Defense Upgrade
Expert Battlecruiser Defense Upgrade
Battleship Defense Upgrade
Advanced Battleship Defense Upgrade
Expert Battleship Defense Upgrade
Industrial Ship Defense Upgrade
Advanced Industrial Ship Defense Upgrade
Expert Industrial Ship Defense Upgrade



Frigate Engineering
Advanced Frigate Engineering
Expert Frigate Engineering
Destroyer Engineering
Advanced Destroyer Engineering
Expert Destroyer Engineering
Cruiser Engineering
Advanced Cruiser Engineering
Expert Cruiser Engineering
Battlecruiser Engineering
Advanced Battlecruiser Engineering
Expert Battlecruiser Engineering
Battleship Engineering
Advanced Battleship Engineering
Expert Battleship Engineering
Industrial Ship Engineering
Advanced Industrial Ship Engineering
Expert Industrial Ship Engineering

Electronic Systems

Electronic Warfare
Advanced Electronic Warfare
Expert Electronic Warfare
Propulsion Jamming
Advanced Propulsion Jamming
Expert Propulsion Jamming


Target Management
Advanced Target Management
Expert Target Management

Fleet Support

Mining Foreman
Advanced Mining Foreman
Expert Mining Foreman
Shield Command
Advanced Shield Command
Expert Shield Command
Information Command
Advanced Information Command
Expert Information Command
Skirmish Command
Advanced Skirmish Command
Expert Skirmish Command
Armored Command
Advanced Armored Command
Expert Armored Command

Weapon Technology


Small Laser Operation
Advanced Small Laser Operation
Expert Small Laser Operation
Small Laser Upgrade
Advanced Small Laser Upgrade
Expert Small Laser Upgrade
Medium Laser Operation
Advanced Medium Laser Operation
Expert Medium Laser Operation
Medium Laser Upgrade
Advanced Medium Laser Upgrade
Expert Medium Laser Upgrade
Large Laser Operation
Advanced Large Laser Operation
Expert Large Laser Operation
Large Laser Upgrade
Advanced Large Laser Upgrade
Expert Large Laser Upgrade


Small Railgun Operation
Advanced Small Railgun Operation
Expert Small Railgun Operation
Small Railgun Upgrade
Advanced Small Railgun Upgrade
Expert Small Railgun Upgrade
Medium Railgun Operation
Advanced Medium Railgun Operation
Expert Medium Railgun Operation
Medium Railgun Upgrade
Advanced Medium Railgun Upgrade
Expert Medium Railgun Upgrade
Large Railgun Operation
Advanced Large Railgun Operation
Expert Large Railgun Operation
Large Railgun Upgrade
Advanced Large Railgun Upgrade
Expert Large Railgun Upgrade


Small Cannon Operation
Advanced Small Cannon Operation
Expert Small Cannon Operation
Small Cannon Upgrade
Advanced Small Cannon Upgrade
Expert Small Cannon Upgrade
Medium Cannon Operation
Advanced Medium Cannon Operation
Expert Medium Cannon Operation
Medium Cannon Upgrade
Advanced Medium Cannon Upgrade
Expert Medium Cannon Upgrade
Large Cannon Operation
Advanced Large Cannon Operation
Expert Large Cannon Operation
Large Cannon Upgrade
Advanced Large Cannon Upgrade
Expert Large Cannon Upgrade


Small Missile/Torpedo operation
Advanced Small Missile/Torpedo operation
Expert Small Missile/Torpedo operation
Small Missile/Torpedo upgrade
Advanced Small Missile/Torpedo upgrade
Expert Small Missile/Torpedo upgrade
Medium Missile/Torpedo operation
Advanced Medium Missile/Torpedo operation
Expert Medium Missile/Torpedo operation
Medium Missile/Torpedo upgrade
Advanced Medium Missile/Torpedo upgrade
Expert Medium Missile/Torpedo upgrade
Large Missile/Torpedo operation
Advanced Large Missile/Torpedo operation
Expert Large Missile/Torpedo operation
Large Missile/Torpedo upgrade
Advanced Large Missile/Torpedo upgrade
Expert Large Missile/Torpedo upgrade


Small Drone Operation
Advanced Small Drone Operation
Expert Small Drone Operation
Small Drone Upgrade
Advanced Small Drone Upgrade
Expert Small Drone Upgrade
Medium Drone Operation
Advanced Medium Drone Operation
Expert Medium Drone Operation
Medium Drone Upgrade
Advanced Medium Drone Upgrade
Expert Medium Drone Upgrade
Large Drone Operation
Advanced Large Drone Operation
Expert Large Drone Operation
Large Drone Upgrade
Advanced Large Drone Upgrade
Expert Large Drone Upgrade
Advanced Drone
Expert Drone


Small Decomposer Command
Advanced Small Decomposer Command
Expert Small Decomposer Command
Small Decomposer Upgrade
Advanced Small Decomposer Upgrade
Expert Small Decomposer Upgrade
Medium Decomposer Command
Advanced Medium Decomposer Command
Expert Medium Decomposer Command
Medium Decomposer Upgrade
Advanced Medium Decomposer Upgrade
Expert Medium Decomposer Upgrade
Large Decomposer Command
Advanced Large Decomposer Command
Expert Large Decomposer Command
Large Decomposer Upgrade
Advanced Large Decomposer Upgrade
Expert Large Decomposer Upgrade

Industrial Technology


Frigate Manufacture
Advanced Frigate Manufacture
Expert Frigate Manufacture
Destroyer Manufacture
Advanced Destroyer Manufacture
Expert Destroyer Manufacture
Cruiser Manufacture
Advanced Cruiser Manufacture
Expert Cruiser Manufacture
Battlecruiser Manufacture
Advanced Battlecruiser Manufacture
Expert Battlecruiser Manufacture
Battleship Manufacture
Advanced Battleship Manufacture
Expert Battleship Manufacture
Industrial Ship Manufacture
Advanced Industrial Ship Manufacture
Expert Industrial Ship Manufacture
Module Manufacture
Advanced Module Manufacture
Expert Module Manufacture
Rig Manufacture
Advanced Rig Manufacture
Expert Rig Manufacture
Structure Construction
Advanced Structure Construction
Expert Structure Construction


Advanced Mining
Expert Mining
Strip Mining
Advanced Strip Mining
Expert Strip Mining

Resource Processing

Common Ore Reprocessing
Advanced Common Ore Reprocessing
Expert Common Ore Reprocessing
Uncommon Ore Reprocessing
Advanced Uncommon Ore Reprocessing
Expert Uncommon Ore Reprocessing
Special Ore Reprocessing
Advanced Special Ore Reprocessing
Expert Special Ore Reprocessing
Rare Ore Reprocessing
Advanced Rare Ore Reprocessing
Expert Rare Ore Reprocessing
Precious Ore Reprocessing
Advanced Precious Ore Reprocessing
Expert Precious Ore Reprocessing
Scrap Metal Processing
Advanced Scrap Metal Processing
Expert Scrap Metal Processing

Social Science

Corporation Management

Corporation Management
Advanced Corporation Management
Expert Corporation Management


Advanced Trade
Expert Trade
Advanced Accounting
Expert Accounting
Advanced Freight
Expert Freight

Applied Science


Amarr Invention Principles
Advanced Amarr Invention Principles
Expert Amarr Invention Principles
Caldari Invention Principles
Advanced Caldari Invention Principles
Expert Caldari Invention Principles
Gallente Invention Principles
Advanced Gallente Invention Principles
Expert Gallente Invention Principles
Minmatar Invention Principles
((Advanced Minmatar Inve

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