T8 Story Missions in T5 Cruisers

I have had a few people asking how I am farming the T8 story-lines such as “A soldiers way”, and what I used to finish it since we only have access to cruisers right now and you will be fighting multiple elite battle-cruisers. This little guide should help those that want to give it a try as it is pretty simple after you get through the beginning of the fights. The drops are amazing and most runs I make easily 30 mil on selling the drops alone, this will decrease as rarity decreases but still is a great source for good gear.

My setup

Character Skills

Level 5 Cruiser

Level 4 Medium Missile Operation

Level 4 Medium Missile Upgrade

(Higher Level Medium Missile Skills would obviously help)


T5 Caracal

High Slot

4x Missile Launcher Heavy (Heavy has the furthest range, you can use the rare “undertaker” variant if you want to spend the money and risk it)

Mid Slot

NA, I didn't use anything for the mission in this slot.

Low Slot

MK5 Medium Shield Booster (Rare would be better but this is easy to get and worked.)

Censor Medium Capacitor Battery (This is one of the most important pieces, I think the regular mk5 would work but it is important to be able to keep your shields running full time at the start.

Fitting Rigs


Anti explosive screen (This boosts you missile defense some since most of what will be hitting you from the distance is missiles.

Rocket Fuel Cache Partition I (Use two of these as they increase the max range of your missiles.)

Change from ExLEO1123's original guide. Using 2 of the same modules gives diminishing returns instead using 1 Rocket Fuel Cache Partition I Rig and 1 Hydraulic Bay Thrusters I Rig will give a better range enhancement for a similar cost. As missile range is a function of time of flight multiplied by velocity.


Capacitor Control Circuit (I used these to boost the capacitor regeneration rate, you could use ones to increase the max size if you like instead)


This is the easiest part, to start you will want to be sure you are full on shields and capacitor heading to the mission, stop at a station if need be.

Once you warp to the first group you will want to manually start flying the opposite direction of the npc ships, I have noticed that even with auto orbit on, sometimes you will engage enemies and your ship will just sit there and get pounded, the beginning is the most important part as it is when you will die the fastest. Once you are moving go ahead and start targeting the enemy ships, focus in this order.. I usually pop my batteries from the start and keep my shields running full time, if done right you should only drop to 30% or so shield strength and then start evening out on the last enemy.


Usually there are only 3-4 ships in the first wave, you want to get your range to around 40km BEFORE the next wave comes on. To do this you may need to keep the last ship alive a little longer to get that range.

When you have the range you should start noticing that the enemy is missing quite a bit and your capacitor should be getting pretty full again, this is how you want to enter wave two.

Finish the last enemy and focus the next wave, again target the smaller faster ships first and here you should be keeping your range at auto optimal (you can set this under battle settings) and this will keep you at a safer 60km plus distance. Be careful to watch for un-targeted enemies since there will be more than you can “easy target” initially. You may think you are down to the cruisers and miss a destroyer closing in on you much faster to hit you with stasis so the others can catch and squash you.

Once you get to the last wave (usually the third) you will face multiple elites, usually at least one Battlecruiser, sometimes two. This part requires paying attention as they will hit you up to 80km sometimes. You still need to kill the smaller ships first because if they get too close they will debuff your speed with stasis and you will die almost instantly, you will want to actively turn the shields on and off for each time you are hit so you can conserve energy.

This entire process took me about 45 minutes to finish with two long battles of 3 waves each, it is tedious and risky but the rewards were well worth it, I am sure others have other different ways of doing this and it'd be great if you post them below, its a new game and I'm glad to be able to help a few people out in getting geared up. Thanks for lookin and feel free to PM me if you have questions about the game or whatnot.

– Credits: guide by ExLEO1123

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