Trading follows the old age adage of buying low and selling high. It is not strictly limited to buying low, but also procuring something at a low price and selling it at a higher price.

Direct Trading

You can directly trade with players in stations. Although to do so you are reqired to have bought an Omega Clone.


There is also a very fleshed out marketplace system in the game, where one can buy and sell products in stations.
Alpha clones have to fly to a trading hub to be able to buy and sell their goods, while omega clones can trade from any station.

Buy Orders

To place a buy order you have to open the Trade menu, search the Item you want to buy and choose from which location at which price you want to buy. You can then choose how that item gets to you. Either by shipping, for which you have to pay an amount of ISK, or by flying there yourself and picking it up.

Sell Orders

To place a sell order you have to open your inventory. The item(s) in question need to be in the Item Hangar of the Station. Then you click on the item and on sell, choose the amount to sell and at which price per item you want to sell. It’s always a good idea to look at which prices your item is sold and sell it at a reasonable price. The money, minus a broker fee, will be transfered to your account as soon as the goods are sold.

List of ITC Market Hubs

Amarr VIII (Oris) - Moon 4 - Expert Distribution Retail CenterAmarrDomain1Amarr Empire
Maspah V - Moon 6 - DED Assembly PlantMaspahDerelik0.8Amarr Empire
Nibainkier VII - Ministry of Internal Order Assembly PlantNibainkierKor-Azor0.7Amarr Empire
Itrin V - Moon 2 - Amarr Trade Registry Information CenterItrinGenesis0.4Amarr Empire
Asghed VI - Moon 5 - Imperial Shipment StorageAsghedDevoid0.4Amarr Empire
Kamela V - 24th Imperial Crusade Logistic SupportKamelaThe Bleak Lands0.4Amarr Empire
UHKL-N V - Moon 1 - Blood Raiders Testing FacilitiesUHKL-NDelve0Amarr Empire
9RQ-L8 VII - Moon 11 - True Creations Shipyard9RQ-L8Stain-0.1Amarr Empire
Jita IV - Moon 4 - Caldari Navy Assembly PlantJitaThe Forge0.9Caldari State
Tash-Murkon Prime II - Moon 1 - Kaalakiota Corporation FactoryTash-Murkon PrimeTash-Murkon0.8Caldari State
Alikara VI - Moon 14 - Echelon Entertainment Development StudioAlikaraThe Citadel0.7Caldari State
Onnamon IV - State Protectorate Logistic SupportOnnamonBlack Rise0.6Caldari State
Kador Prime IX - Moon 2 - Kaalakiota Corporation FactoryKador PrimeKador0.6Caldari State
Piekura VII - Spacelane Patrol Assembly PlantPiekuraLonetrek0.5Caldari State
H-PA29 IV - Moon 2 - Guristas Assembly PlantH-PA29Venal-0.2Caldari State
Auvergne V - Moon 5 - Federal Intelligence Office Assembly PlantAuvergneSinq Laison0.9Gallente Federation
Renyn X - Moon 14 - Chemal Tech FactoryRenynEssence0.9Gallente Federation
Alentene VII - Moon 1 - Astral Mining Inc. Mineral ReserveAlenteneVerge Vendor0.9Gallente Federation
Bereye VII - Moon 1 - Material Acquisition Mineral ReserveBereyeEveryshore0.7Gallente Federation
Heluene X - Material Acquisition RefineryHelueneSolitude0.2Gallente Federation
Ostingele VI - Moon 4 - Federal Freight StorageOstingelePlacid0.2Gallente Federation
4C-B7X V - Moon 7 - Chemal Tech Factory4C-B7XOuter Ring0Gallente Federation
Serpentis Prime VI - Moon 1 - Serpentis Inquest Biotech Research CenterSerpentis PrimeFountain-0.1Gallente Federation
Pator VII (Kulheim) - Moon 1 - Republic Fleet Testing FacilitiesPatorHeimatar1Minmatar Republic
Nakugard VII - Moon 2 - Krusual Tribe BureauNakugardMetropolis0.5Minmatar Republic
Istodard IX - Moon 5 - Republic Fleet Assembly PlantIstodardMolden Heath0.3Minmatar Republic
E02-IK VIII - Moon 1 - Thukker Mix FactoryE02-IKGreat Wildlands-0.1Minmatar Republic
G-G78S XI - Moon 3 - Dominations Assembly PlantG-G78SCurse-0.2Minmatar Republic
BMNV-P XI - Moon 11 - Intaki Space Police Assembly PlantBMNV-PSyndicate-0.2ORE

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