There are two main forms of travel: Interstellar Travel and Space Travel

Interstellar Travel

In New Eden, there are no daring old pilots.
-Juan Rico, retirement speech, YC15

New Eden is vast and boundless. Thousands of systems, all connected by Stargates, form a massive transport network. As capsuleers, the stars are where we belong.

Regular Propulsion

You can move around in space in the following manners


Makes you travel towards the target at a regular speed. Can be used to

  1. Approach nearby targets;
  2. Head towards targets further away.


Orbit around the target at a regular speed. You can use it to keep a certain distance from the target to protect yourself.


Dock a ship to a station in space, in this manner you are safe from any harm and also you can access the stations services

Faster-than-light Travel

In AD21290, the Amarrians built the first ever Stargate between the Amarr system and the Hedion system, marking the beginning of modern intergalactic colonization.


Travel toward the target at faster-than-light speeds, to traverse distances of multiple AU. It is used to quickly reach distant destinations (150 KM and beyond).


Is a way to instantly move to other planetary systems via Stargates

Space Travel

In theory, traveling at near-light speed, we could make a trip around the known universe in what, to us, would be a matter of decades. We would return, tens of billions of years later, to the remains of a New Eden that had long since burned.

Interstellar Navigation

That same concept applies to EVE Echoes. New Eden has almost 10000 star systems and each one of them are huge, so one cannot move through them at normal speeds, that is why there are a few systems in place to make sure you arrive at your destination at a reasonable amount of time.

Star Map

A map containing bookmarks of all known systems in New Eden. Approved by CONCORD, this map is essential to interstellar travel. Image

You can use it to:

  • View current location
  • Search for destination system
  • Set navigation destination


Turn on autopilot and let the ship follow a set route to the destination.


Displays all objects and signatures that can be scanned in the current system. Image You can use it to:

  • View objects and signatures in the current system
  • Perform actions on the target.

Operation Ring

An action menu that pops up after tapping on a target in space. Image

You can use it to:

  • Lock onto the target to attack
  • Implement combat strategies.

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