CBD Concentrate and Hemp Flower - PayPal Payments

I manage a vape shop directory site https://hempressa.com and we have had a listing from a vape store in the USA that likewise offers for sale CBD goods. A Month afterwards, PayPal has written to use to claim that our account has been restricted and have asked us to take away PayPal as a payment method from our vape store website directory. We do not offer CBD goods like CBD oil. We solely provide online marketing solutions How to Use CBD Oil in a Vape Pen CBD companies. I have checked out Holland & Barrett-- the UK's Top Health Retail store and if you take a good peek, you will witness that they offer for sale a relatively wide-ranging stable of CBD product lines, primarily CBD oil and they also happen to accept PayPal as a payment method. It seems that PayPal is applying twos sets of rules to many different firms. Due to this constraint, I can no longer accept PayPal on my CBD-related online site. This has restrained my payment possibilities and now, I am greatly contingent on Cryptocurrency payments and direct bank transfers. I have consulted with a lawyer from a Magic Circle law office in The city of london and they stated that what PayPal is undertaking is completely unlawful and discriminatory as it should be applying a systematic standard to all firms. I am still to seek advice from yet another legal representative from a US law firm in The city of london to see what PayPal's legal position is in the USA. Meanwhile, I would be highly appreciative if anyone here at eveechoes.wiki could offer me with alternative payment processors/merchants that deal with CBD firms.

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