Play a dice game with a chance to win megacytes, by staking your megacytes for a chance to win even more megacytes.

There is a free 50 points for anyone who joins to test out the game.

How to play

Register First( i you have any diffculties registering, contact "galuga" on the Gaming Discord Server and you will be sorted out) Deposit a minimum of 10 megacytes, then good luck. You can play as much as you want as far as you have enough points.

Points Structure

1 point = 1 megacyte Minimum bet is 10 points

Deposits and Withdrawals are processed manually.


To deposit send a contract to "gazhul" and mention the nickname or email you used to register on the dice game website, in the contract. We don't accept ISK, so any ISK contracts will be rejected. As soon as your contract is accepted in game your points will be credited to you within 5 mins. If the contract has not been accepted yet, then you can safely assume that you have not been credited with any points. Contract the item in an ITC.


You can withdraw at any moment. The minimum withdraw amount is 100 points. Just send an in game message to "gazhul" or contact "galuga" on the Gaming Discord Server, and your should receive your megacytes within 24 hours(usually it will take much less). If the bank does not have enough money at the moment, the withdrawal will be done on a stuttered basis until the bank is able to pay you in full.

Play Now

If you want a full screen experience without any distractions, tap here

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